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Packaging by Industry

We produce all kinds of packaging from various industries and companies with accurate printed images. The color is right, sharp and clean. When printing large packages of packages, the stability of the results is reliable.

Material :
Art Carton 190 gr - 400 gr Art Paper 100 gr – 150 gr
Duplex Paper 250 gr – 450 gr
Ivory Paper 250 gr – 390 gr
Sticker Chromo
Wood Free Paper and Kraft

Packaging by Style

Add Your Heading TexProducts become increasingly valuable with packaging that makes it stand out. Shape, design, to material that you can make completely as needed. Our machine too manufactures packaging that can be integrated with automatic filling machines.t Here

Food Wrapping Paper

In the market, this product is known as wrapping paper. We can print brown rice wrapping paper or white KFC-style wrapping paper with your brand.

Food Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

Pharmacy Packaging

Electronic Packaging

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