Temprina, an easy way to print packaging according to business needs in Surabaya

So far, the Temprina print shop is known as the Java Pos newspaper printing company only. But did you know that apart from printing newspapers, Temprina also has various other printing lines that are very diverse. Experienced in the field of paper in printing, Temprina has Temprina Packaging or Temapack which specializes in packaging printing. The need for packaging printing in Surabaya and other regions throughout Indonesia can be fulfilled here. We have 9 printers in Java Bali and expeditions in each city.
If you want to print packaging that can match your business’s products, you’ve come to the right packaging printing manufacturer. We have professional technicians who are ready to provide the most ideal solutions for packaging products. How about the technical details of the cut, folds to links, Temapack will help. All you need to do is determine the size, design and color then we will assist with a consultation session before printing. The best packaging design that we hope to make happen. That’s why printing custom packaging is also Temapack’s specialty. In addition to packaging boxes, Temapack packaging printing can also make paper bags with many variants of handlers.

Types of Packaging Paper
What paper can be used as a product packaging box? The answer is very diverse, Temapack accepts paper materials ranging from 100-400 grammatures. The materials commonly used are as follows.
• Print packaging with Art Carton 190 gr – 400 gr
• Print 100 gr – 150 gr Art Paper packaging
• Print Duplex Paper packaging 250 gr – 450 gr
• Print 250 gr – 390 gr Ivory Paper packaging
• Chromo stickers
• Wood Free Paper
• Corrugated Kraft
• Oil paper
• MG paper rice wrapping paper
• Rice wrapping paper

Print Food Packaging
Food packaging has become a daily necessity with the increasing new habit of buying food out, snacks, fast food to frozen food. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants and cafes have provided disposable food packaging for health protocols. Also, more and more are providing frozen food to cook at home. The use of food packaging is not only to beautify food, but also to keep it fresh and safe and protect it when it is carried around.
Print box packaging for packaging at Temapack, you can print standard boxes, boxes with laminating windows, lids, with inner boxes, boxes for modern coffee delivery and much more. You can order with the best packaging dimensions and ingredients for your product, from pizza, burgers, cakes, pastries, cookies, macarons, Chinese food, candy, cereals, and many more. We also print for medicinal and pharmaceutical products.

The nature of food packaging that is printed by the packaging factory is secondary pack, which is not attached directly to the food. The quality of printing on the packaging is guaranteed the best. The Temapack printing machine ensures that the image printed on the packaging is as tantalizing as the one designed on the computer screen. In large quantities, the sharpness of print packaging is still consistent.

Print Cosmetic and Skin Care Packaging
Skin care or skin care is currently being hunted. Local skin care and cosmetic brands that have soared in name are not left behind to make their brands no fresher. Some brands have printed their packaging on us. How about you? If you want to develop your own skin care brand, one thing you shouldn’t miss is the box or packaging box.
From the packaging you will be able to build the story of your brand. Neat and clean prints and quality printing will support your brand to have a place in the hearts of consumers.

Print Electronic Packaging and other items
Printing packaging for electronics and other goods can not only increase consumer trust in your brand but also protect the product itself. Imagine electronic goods without packaging boxes would be dangerous. Surabaya packaging factory and Bekasi packaging factory are Temprina’s two main factories to meet your custom packaging needs.

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